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Pure Bliss

Chocolate has held a special place in our hearts since the Golden Age. Pure raw cocoa nibs give you this ultimate happy feeling, not to mention it’s served in a pretty bottle. This chocolate has brought its friends vanilla and pink peppercorns with it to create an even more complex chocolate taste. Yummy! A chocolate liqueur which will leave you feeling merry and bright. Drink this liqueur pure or add whipped cream.


  • Cocoa
  • Vanilla
  • Pink peppercorn

Getting Started

DIY is very simple. Not to mention fun! We have carefully composed the ingredients of our liqueurs, so your part of the job is easy. See for yourself!

From brownies with love

We. Love. Brownies! Especially when they’re made with love. This delicious recipe was created by Donna Hay, a famous Australian foodie. Bring it on!

Download the recipe here