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Rosy Cheeks

This liqueur will keep you warm during winter. Inspired by grandmother Puck, indirect founder of Pineut. She loved the odd glass of blackcurrant gin and often painted the town red. Red currants, raisins and cinnamon make your cheeks go rosy. Puck got them too, not just because of the dancing.


  • Red currants
  • Raisins
  • Cinnamon

Getting Started

DIY is very simple. Not to mention fun! We have carefully composed the ingredients of our liqueurs, so your part of the job is easy. See for yourself!

Ingredient explained: red berries

Our Rosy Cheeks is full of delicious freeze-dried red berries. The delightful flavour and texture is preserved, thanks to this beautiful conserving method. It also lengthens the preservability which allows you to eat these strawberries out of season! It is also a very sustainable method, since the surplus of strawberries don't have to be thrown away. And we like that.

P├Ęche Melba with Rosy Cheeks

This dessert is delicious! Golden tip: if peaches are out of season, use pears instead. Just as lovely. Give it a Pineut twist by replacing the raspberry liqueur by Rosy Cheeks.

Download the recipe here